Now Powering the World's Quickest and Most Powerful BMW 335! (10.822@131.99mph)

PROcede Plug-and-Play Systems Starting At Just $745

The PROcede is the most advanced and most functional tuning solution for your vehicle. Years of relentless development has created a product that not only offers maximum engine performance but also our ground-breaking AutoTuning (patent pending), 100% diagnostic invisibility, comprehensive CAN integration, inter-platform compatibility and convenience features that renders other tuning options obsolete. With the PROcede, you will never need to purchase a diagnostic tool, a data-logging device, add-on gauges, or most other accessories commonly associated with high output tuning solutions. And now with the ability to purchase and activate only the features that you need, whenever you need them, the PROcede is the only choice for those value functionality, performance, convenience and value. It is what the market has been waiting for: A high-end tune at a low-end price.