2011 to Present 135/335


We don't believe that there should be any such thing as a "low-end" tune. Either a tuning device should control the engine properly or it should not be released. Even the lowest priced tunes must not sacrifice performance, drivability or engine safety in favor of a low price point. In terms of basic functionality, the PROcede Enthusiast Version is identical to the PROcede Tuner Version. They share exactly the same hardware. However, the Enthusiast Version is configured to disable some higher level functionality (not tune quality!) in favor of a very low retail price. Once purchased, an Enthusiast Version can effectively be converted into a Tuner Version by inputing additional activation codes through the PROcede User Software. These activation codes can be purchased from us as needed. All PROcedes come with a single VIN license, effectively "locking" it to the first vehicle it is installed on. Running the same PROcede on a second (or third, or forth, etc,) vehicle will require an additional activation code(s).

PROcede Enthusiast Version Not Available

$845 PROcede Tuner Version Includes:

*Dealer Tuning Software to be released Feb 2011