Vishnu Performance Systems was officially incorporated in the summer of 2000 in the city of Martinez, California. Prior to that, company founder and CEO, Shiv Pathak, established himself as an industry leader in the design and tuning of high performance engine management systems. Having contracted his engine tuning skills to OEMs such as General Motors and Toyota, several professional road race/rally teams, numerous aftermarket tuning houses and hundreds of private individuals, Pathak carries with him a wealth of real world engine management know-how. This unique knowledge lead him to his next vocational field where he continues to freelance as a technical writer (product reviews, technical analysis, long-term project car testing, etc,) for numerous automotive trade journals. With one foot firmly planted at the leading edge of industry technology and the other standing at the center of aftermarket street and race performance, Pathak has developed a reputation for bringing high-end engine control systems to the masses. Along with that, he has earned a reputation for unwavering customer support and an unblemished track record in the engine management industry. Working the brightest engineers and specialists in the field, Pathak has assembled a talented team dedicated to advancing the state of the art.