How to Update Maps and Firmware

PWM Methanol System Installation

BMW E9x M3 Procede Installation
Please follow these instructions if you are only installing the Procede unit. If you are installing the Procede/PWM Meth combo, please follow these instructions HERE

Step 1:
Disconnect negative terminal on battery. The battery is located under the rear passenger side corner of your trunk. To expose it, simply remove the battery cover/tool tray.

Step 2:
First remove the air filter cover. It is held in place by three 10mm bolts.

Step 3:
Remove sensor from it's mount by rotating it counter-clockwise and pulling it out gently. Unclip the harness from the tabs and set the sensor aside.

Step 4:
Peel back the rubber stripping and remove cover as shown below. You will also have to unscrew a 10mm bolt near the base of the windshield.

Step 5:
Remove the lid to the DME box. This and the nest few steps are very similar (but not identical) to the BMW N54 Procede installation. We recommend you watching that video first before proceeding further. Specifically 1:10 to 4:30. It can be viewed HERE:

Step 6:
Unclip the three connectors shown below.

Step 7:
Unplug DME connectors. As shown in the N54 installation video, you will need to pull out the locking sliders to do so.

Step 8:
As shown in the video, you will need to remove the subconnectors. However, you will only need to remove 3, not all 4. Slide out both subconnectors on the large DME connector and only the grey subconnector on the small connector.

Step 9:
Install the Procede harness as shown below (and described in the video). Each subconnector is color-coded and keyed so it will be difficult to do this incorrectly. Also as described in the installation video, make sure when the male and female connectors are mated together, the arrows are on OPPOSITE sides.

Re-connect the three connectors you unplugged in Step 6. Once done, it should look like this with the Procede slide in any empty location. It may be useful to plug the supplied USB communication cable into the bottom of the Procede if you plan on datalogging or updating maps in the future. You can keep the cable tucked away in the DME box until needed. You will also notice that you will be left with an unused wire bundle tie wrapped to the base of the harness. These wires will be used when you install our PWM methanol injection system. For now, just leave them alone.
**In some cars, there may not be an empty "shelf" in which to hold the Procede unit. In such cases, it's perfectly acceptable to lie the Procede unit horizontally on top of the shelves in such a way that the DME box's lid still closes.
Pasted Graphic 2

Step 10:

Attach the Procede harness's power (red) and ground (black) terminals as shown below. You will need to remove the plastic shield that covers the terminals. Simply pull it off and put it back on once you secure the Procede's power and ground connections.
Pasted Graphic 1
Pasted Graphic

Step 11:
Reattach ground to battery terminal. Your car is now ready to drive. There are 3 maps available (0, 1 and 2). And you can toggle between them by using the cruise control stalk as shown HERE. Map0 will be a stock-like map. And Map1 and Map2 will be identical 91-93 octane performance maps. They can be modified by the user through our User Software Interface that can be downloaded from HERE. The default start-up map should be Map1.

Step 12:
Once you have ensured that everyone is installed correctly and fully functional, go ahead and re-install the DME and covers. Do NOT operate the car in rain without the DME cover in place. If you do, you can potentially water damage your DME. There will be two wires (Procede power and ground) extending out of the DME box and into the engine bay. Route these wires under the rubber grommeted section of the DME cover.